Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. We offer assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. We have the following vacancy and are looking for a talented individual with a strong desire to contribute to humanitarian work and commit to the aims and values of MSF to join our team in Taipei.
Health Promoter Community Engagement Supervisor With the support and guidance of the Head of Civil Society Engagement & Liaison (HoCSEL) and the functional support from the HPCE Advisor/Focal Point, the Health Promoter Community Engagement (HPCE) Supervisor is responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring the HPCE (Health Promotion Community Engagement) strategy and workplan, with community participation according to the annual activity objectives, MSF values, standards and procedures.
The HPCE Supervisor will also be responsible for implementing HP (Health Promotion)/IEC (Information, Education, Communication) activities with identified populations in Taiwan to raise their knowledge and skills on relevant medical and health topics, as well as supporting to build up the identified population’s capacity to respond and act in various emergency/crisis scenarios as identified by MSF Taiwan’s, as well as the regional Operations Support Unit (OSU).
He/she will maintain close links between the peers in regional OSU department, MSF SEA missions and other support units in the region and the Taiwan office, to ensure collaboration where relevant.
【Major Responsibilities】 ①HPCE strategy/workplan design, planning, implementation and monitoring: actively take part in the different phases of the health promotion and community engagement activities with identified populations, ie. migrant workers (caretakers, fishermen etc.), to ensure effective: - sharing of relevant medical or health-related information through various means, such as digital HP, online health talks; - capacity building of basic knowledge and skills for responding to emergency/crisis situations, - Identify, monitor and evaluate relevant data linked to the level of capacity to respond to emergencies of target populations.
②Community mapping and engagement: ensure relevant communities/ populations are identified and updated in MSF Taiwan’s internal mapping according to the contextual needs, as well as in line with the strategic direction of the E-prep activities. Where needed, reach out to newly identified communities/ populations to establish connection and engagement.
③Local NGO and stakeholder engagement and collaboration: establish and maintain connection with local NGOs, service providers (eg. Hospitals and clinics), as well as relevant government health facilities to ensure relevant communication, information sharing and collaboration to support MSF activities connected to identified target communities/ populations.
④Regional & global engagement and collaboration: proactively reach out to and maintain connection with relevant peers within MSF, especially in the region where MSF has missions in Southeast Asian countries, for experience and knowledge sharing, identify areas of potential collaboration and support from regional peers to ensure the implementation of HPCE activities in Taiwan.
【Requirements】 ①Degree in a related field (social sciences, social work, behavioural sciences, public health, community health, nursing, psychology) or equivalent field of experience. ②At least 2 years’ experience in health promotion, social work, or equivalent combination of education and experience ③Experience and knowledge of NGO and/or public institutions desirable ④Commitment to the values, principles and MSF’s social mission ⑤Good understanding of the nonprofit and/or humanitarian sectors ⑥Ability to work with populations from different cultures – high cultural awareness and sensitivity ⑦Strong interpersonal skills and able to work in a team ⑧Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines with different teams ⑨Ability to respect deadlines and resolve problems in a timely manner ⑩Self-driven ⑪Fluency in Mandarin, Indonesian and English is essential
【How to apply?】 Please apply with a letter of motivation (in English) and full resume (in both English and Chinese) on our website. Applicants not invited for interview within 4 weeks may consider their applications unsuccessful. All information collected is solely for recruitment purposes and be treated in strict confidence.
At MSF, we are committed to an inclusive culture that encourages and supports the diverse voices of our employees. We welcome applications from individuals of all genders, ages, sexual orientations, nationalities, races, religions, beliefs, ability status, and all other diversity characteristics.
All personal information (photos, education and work experiences, letter of motivation etc.) received will be used solely for recruitment purpose. Your personal data will be strictly protected, please refer to our Privacy and Individual Data Protection Policy.
健康促進與社區參與管理師 此職位直屬於公民社會互動與聯繫協理,並和 HPCE(健康促進與社區參與)顧問及同事密切合作。健康促進與社區參與管理師負責規劃、執行、監督 HPCE 策略及工作計畫,並依據年度活動目標、無國界醫生宗旨、以及內部規範進行社區參與。
健康促進與社區參與管理師負責執行 HP(健康促進)/ IEC(資訊、教育、推廣)活動,以提高在台灣之特定族群對於相關醫療和健康議題之知識和技能,並且協助建立特定族群對於無國界醫生(台灣)及 OSU 部門所確立之緊急/危機情況之應變能力。
此職位將與區域之 OSU 部門、無國界醫生東南亞專案及相關支援單位、以及台灣辦公室之同事保持密切聯繫,以確保在相關情況下進行合作。
【主要工作內容】 ①HPCE 策略/工作計畫之設計、規劃、執行和監督: 積極規劃並參與特定族群之健康促進和社區參與活動,例如移工(照顧服務員、漁工等),以確保有效地: - 透過不同管道(例如數位健康促進、線上健康講座)分享相關醫療及健康資訊; - 建立其應變緊急/危機情況之基本知識及技能; - 辨別、監控、評估特定族群之應變能力等相關資料。
②社區參與分布分析: 在無國界醫生(台灣)內部社區參與分布分析確認並更新相關社群/族群,並確保符合 E-prep 活動策略方向及相關社群/族群之需求。並在必要時,和新確定之社群/族群建立關係。
③當地非政府組織和利害關係人之參與及合作: 和地方非政府組織、服務提供者(例如:醫療院所)、及相關政府衛生部門建立關係及保持聯繫,以確保和相關單位互動、訊息分享及合作、並支援無國界醫生對於特定目標社群/組群之相關活動。
④區域及全球參與和合作: 積極和無國界醫生內部之相關同事保持聯繫,特別是在東南亞國家進行任務之同事,進行經驗和知識分享,確定潛在合作範圍及區域同事之協助,以確保在台灣執行 HPCE 活動。
【資格】 ①具備社會科學、社會工作、行為科學、公共衛生、社區衛生、護理、心理學等相關學士學位或同等經驗。 ②至少 2 年之健康促進、社會工作或相關教育之工作經驗。 ③具備非政府組織和/或公共部門之經驗和知識者尤佳。 ④認同並致力於無國界醫生之宗旨及任務。 ⑤熟悉非營利組織和/或人道救援工作。 ⑥能夠和不同文化背景之族群合作 - 具高度文化意識和敏感性。 ⑦具備良好之人際溝通能力及團隊合作能力。 ⑧能夠管理和不同團隊之專案及進度。 ⑨具備良好之時間管理能力,能夠在期限內完成任務。 ⑩具備良好之自我管理能力。 ⑪具備流利之中文、印尼文、及英文。
【申請如何】 請進入我們的招募網頁應徵。填入相關資訊,並附上英文動機信及英文履歷、預期薪資與最早可到職日期等資料。如申請人於遞交申請表後四星期內未獲邀約見,即可視作其申請不成功。所有收集的資料僅作招募用途,並會嚴格保密。
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