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Imagineer(Office Administrator 行政專員)

【What Will You Do】

1.Take full ownership and responsibility for managing Migo’s office administration in Taipei
2. Keep Migo’s working environment clean, fun, and creative; including but not limited to rearranging and maintaining office spaces and facilities, and managing our office supplies and equipment inventory
3. Collaborate with staff to coordinate travel arrangements including air ticket, visa and accommodations
4. Support general bookkeeping for monthly expenses, coordinating with Migo’s accounting team
5. Provide excellent customer service for company visitors and callers
6. Provide advice and communication support to foreign staff in Taiwan, particularly for housing matters and visa issues
7. Lead design and planning for team social gatherings, including meals, birthdays, weekly happy hours, and outings
8. Find creative ways to bring more organization and more fun to our team
9. Learn alongside our Imagineers, joining regular sessions and talks on leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, operational efficiency, and English communication
10.Have limitless opportunities to grow and expand your responsibilities in the company

• 負責台北總部的行政營運規劃、標準化制度建立及改善
•打造安全、舒適、有創意的工作空間及環境 (ex:辦公室保全、衛生管理、採購日常用品…等)
• 協助員工出差事宜 (ex:訂機票,住宿, 簽證)
• 協助會計團隊執行基礎帳務/出納等
• 提供專業、親切的客戶服務 (ex:訪客接待、電話接聽)
•協助規劃員工福利活動與執行 (ex: 餐飲、happy hours、出遊等)
• 協助公司外國人士處理日常行事務

【What we are looking for】

An individual who:
1. Has at least 1 year working experience in a professional office environment
2. Loves to collaborate with teams and finds joy in serving others
3. Has an organized mind and detail-oriented, disciplined working habits
4. Is quick to adapt and operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment, and works well under pressure
5. Possesses strong sense of responsibility, resourcefulness, and initiative
6. Constantly asks themselves, “How can we make this even better?”
7. Comfortable using basic English to communicate (written and verbal)

• 1年以上工作經驗
• 樂於擔任支援角色,處理行政事務
• 熱心助人、善於觀察他人需要並主動提出協助
• 反應快,抗壓性高,能夠快速適應步調快的環境
• 文書處理能力(如MS Office 電腦技巧PPT, Word, Excel等)
• 基礎英文溝通能力 (書信,基本對話即可)

【 You’ll be a good fit here if you…】

• Have a relentless inner drive to learn and understand
• Regularly seek out new ideas and new challenges
• Demonstrate resilience, recovering quickly from difficulties
• Have a keen imagination and a mind for solving complex problems

【履歷投遞方式】 請透過Migo官方網站, 點擊 右上方 “Join Us” 應徵, 謝謝!