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Social Enterprise Insights - The Leading Social Enterprise Information Platform in Asia

Who We Are

Social Enterprise Insights (SEI) is the first Mandarin language social enterprise platform in Taiwan, which inspires, connects and supports social innovation and social enterprises in the Greater China Region.

Vision & Mission

To create an ideal environment for social innovation through inspiring, connecting, and supporting change makers who aim to build a better world.


Social Enterprise Insights (SEI) plays 3 roles in the field of social innovation in the Greater China Region:

Our Story

The field of social enterprise in Taiwan, although nascent and small in scale, is continuously growing with great potential. Many companies and foundations have already started innovating business strategies to solve social or environmental problems, even before they are recognized as social enterprises. Yet the ecosystem is not complete, with insufficient information flow and market fragmentation.

This is where Social Enterprise Insights (SEI) steps in, filling a crucial need in the development of social enterprises. Officially launched in February 2012, SEI is the first Mandarin-based online information platform about social enterprise & social innovation from Taiwan. It aims to share knowledge and connect the dots in the sector, hoping to get people informed, inspired, and ignited. Since its launch, the website has shared about 1,000 articles, held 15 events with 2k participants in total, and accumulated nearly 600k+ visitors and 1.5k Facebook fans across the Greater China region.

Website Milestones

In 2 years, SEI has achieved the following milestones:

  • 1.8 million website visitors
  • 42k Facebook fan page subscribers
  • 2,000 articles shared
  • 100+ speaking engagements for government, business and nonprofit sectors
  • 100+ resource items/links tracked
  • 100 social enterprises listed in our database
  • 50 contributing writers / columnists
  • 50+ volunteers
  • 40+ events with 4,000+ participants in total

Page Descriptions

Officially launched in February, 2012, SEI is the first Mandarin-based online information portal about social enterprise / innovation from Taiwan. The website includes the following pages:

  • Introduction: Basic definition on social enterprise, collection of global best practices, and a bilingual directory of common terms
  • News: News (includes Mandarin news clips & translation of English articles), event, and recruit information about social entrepreneurship / social innovation
  • Story: Blog entries written by practitioners – social entrepreneurs, social venture capitalists, and other stakeholders from Taiwan, China / Hong Kong, Japan, etc.
  • Map: The first map indexing / profiling social enterprises in Taiwan
  • Resource: Collection of industry resources worldwide – funding, consulting, networking, social media, academia, social business competitions, journals, books, etc.

SEI was also invited to write columns for a leading business magazine – Business Weekly Taiwan's website and TEDxTaipei, introducing the concept of social enterprise to tens of thousands of their target readers through best cases.

Future Prospects

Going forward, SEI strives to offer more insights and connections for people in the Mandarin world to stay in touch with social innovation and social enterprise, through information sharing and networking. While continuing the efforts of translating English articles and reporting Taiwanese social enterprises, SEI also plans to hold more events and conducts more presentations to have the general public be familiar with and interested in this new concept, and to also help social enterprises learn best practices from each other and improve.


Tel: +886-2-2368-9646
Address: Rm. 417, No.130, Sec. 3, Keelung Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The Movement of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Taiwan

Through SEInsights’ 2nd Annual Forum, we not only wrote a new chapter for SEInsights, but also saw a great movement of social innovation and entrepreneurship within Taiwan. The following are some highlight numbers of SEInsights’ 2nd Annual Forum:

  • Attracted more than 1300 attendants (Change Makers) to the forum.
  • Featured 8 keynote speakers from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan to share their inspiring stories and insights in the field of social innovation.
  • Gathered 12 social start-up teams to share and exchange their innovative ideas with audiences.
  • Grassroots support from 70 passionate volunteers to carry out event planning details.
  • Event reported by several major medias in Taiwan, including United Daily News, Business Next, and ChinaTimes.

Make the Change, Live the Change, Be the Change

Throughout the day, we featured innovative activities for participants to practice the spirit of “make the change, live the change and be the change.” For example, instead of ordering conveniently packaged lunch boxes, we brought in catering services and invited all 1300+ participants to bring their own reusable containers and eco utensils to prevent producing a huge volume of waste. By doing so, we saved 600 disposable boxes and utensils from ending up in our landfills. Using simple every day tasks, every participant became a “Change Maker” and made a real difference in their community.  We proved that small things can truly make a difference.

The video recap of the event:

The full page report of SEInsights' Annual Forum in United Daily News, one of the largest Taiwanese newspapers: